FREE Healthy BBQ Series!!!

Everyone loves a good summertime BBQ, but they are not always the healthiest events to attend.   A classic barbecue has the usual fare:  lots of fatty, red meat, processed side dishes and sugary desserts, all of which pack on the pounds.  This isn’t including all the calorie dense drinks; punch, beer, sodas etc…

We know that you love your aunt Minnie’s potato salad and peach cobbler, but it’s time to show aunt Minnie how to cook delicious and yummy healthy food, without sacrificing your health and svelte figure.  Join us to learn how to lighten up your BBQ while maintaining its delicious tradition! Feel free to bring aunt Minnie along.

Each month we’ll cover a variety of recipes, including BBQ appetizers, side dishes, main courses, desserts and drinks.  And then we’ll chow down on the featured recipes and enjoy the Oakland summer sunshine on our beautiful patio overlooking Piedmont Ave.

Our first BBQ is happening this Saturday, July 23rd from 12pm to 3pm.  From 12pm to 1pm our chef, Anna Zulaica, will demonstrate the recipes for everyone and from 1pm to 3pm we will be partaking in our glorious BBQ!!!

Summer BBQ Dates:

July 23rd, Saturday

August 27th, Saturday

September 17th, Saturday, all from 12pm to 3pm

Feel free to bring friends and family to this wonderful community event!!!

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